Longest-Running US Soap Stars

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Soap (Character)Actor/ActressYears On
AMC (Erica Kane)1970-present
AMC (Joe Martin)1970-present
AMC (Phoebe Tyler Wallingford)1970-2005
AMC (Myrtle Fargate)1976-2008
AMC (Palmer Cortlandt)1979-present
ATWT (Nancy Hughes)1956-present
ATWT (Bob Hughes)1960-present
ATWT (Lisa Grimaldi)1960-1964, 1965, 1966-1983, 1984-present
ATWT (Kim Hughes)1972-present
ATWT (Ellen Stewart)1960-1995, 1998
ATWT (John Dixon)1969-2004
ATWT (Susan Stewart)1968-1979, 1986-present
ATWT (Barbara Ryan)1978-present
ATWT (Chris Hughes)1956-1986
ATWT (David Stewart)1960-1990
DAYS (Alice Horton)1965-present
Soap (Character)Actor/ActressYears On
DAYS (Mickey Horton)1965-2004
DAYS (Maggie Horton)1973-1984, 1985-2003, 2004-present
DAYS (Julie Williams)1968-1984, 1990-1995, 1999-present
GH (Audrey Hardy)1964-2007, 2009
GH (Steve Hardy)1963-1996
GH (Monica Quartermaine)1977-present
GH (Bobbie Spencer)1978-present
GH (Alan Quartermaine)1977-2008
GL (Bertha Bauer)1952-1984
OLTL (Victoria Lord)1971-present
SFT (Joanne Gardner)1951-1986
SFT (Stu Bergman)1951-1986
Y&R (Katherine Chancellor)1973-present
Y&R (Paul Williams)1978-present
Y&R (Nikki Reed Newman)1979-present

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