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She and her kids moved in with Kezia Horn and made her their maid.
She almost burned down her family's barn while trying to study.
He came under scrutiny by his fiancee's mother when his Jewish faith was revealed.
He was outraged when his wife decided to take a job at the post office.
He married Rachel Brown in the second-to-last episode of A New Beginning.
He almost moved to New York to join his father's law firm.
He learned how to cheat on tests from Nellie Oleson.
He wanted to marry a pregnant rape victim.
He tried to kill himself after an accident put his mobility in jeopardy.
She didn't want everyone to know about her first marriage.
He raced Charles to see who could get to Sleepy Eye the fastest.
He was surprised when an uncle remembered him in his will.
She adopted the Sanderson children after marrying Isaiah Edwards.
She blamed herself when the town's children were lost in a blizzard.
She was given a restaurant and hotel as graduation gifts.
She fought an underlying attraction to a young handyman who worked on her house.
His sister was the fat lady in a traveling circus.
She was held captive under a house by the mother of a deceased friend.
Her ex-husband came to Walnut Grove to try to win her back.
She created an imaginary friend named Alyssa who looked just like her.

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