Arrondisements of Paris

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Can you name the Arrondisements of Paris?

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Ie (1st)Right
IIe (2nd)Right
IIIe (3rd)Right
IVe (4th)Right
Ve (5th)Left
VIe (6th)Left
VIIe (7th)Left
VIIIe (8th)Right
IXe (9th)Right
Xe (10th)Right
XIe (11th)Right
XIIe (12th)Right
XIIIe (13th)Left
XIVe (14th)Left
XVe (15th)Left
XVIe (16th)Right
XVIIe (17th)Right
XVIIIe (18th)Right
XIXe (19th)Right
XXe (20th)Right

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