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Portrayed by 
Future Wife 
Date to the Yule Ball 
Pet Toad 
Favorite Subject 
'Pet' Plant 
Eventual Profession 
Mother's Name 
Father's Name 
Grandmother's Name 
First wand's previous owner (Relation, not name) 
Uncle's Name 
Blood Status 
The hospital where Neville's parents live 
Neville's Guardian (Relation, not name) 
The form a boggart will take when in front of Neville. 
In Year One, Neville is awarded this many house points for bravery. 
In Year Two, Neville is attacked by these creatures and hung by his cloak on a chandelier in Defense Against the Dark Arts. 
In Year Three, Neville lost his list of passwords to Gryffindor Tower, which this 'mass murderer' happened to find. 
In Year Four, Neville is given a book on water plants of the Mediterranean by this Death Eater in disguise. 
In Year Five, Neville is briefly tortured by means of the Cruciatus Curse by this Death Eater. 
In Year Six, Neville and this person were the only two other students that joined Ron, Hermione, and Ginny in the 'Battle of the Astronomy Tower.' 
In Year Seven, Neville revived this group in opposition to Snape and the Carrow's new regime at Hogwarts. 
It may have been Neville that this Seer spoke of when making the prophecy that changed Harry Potter's life. 
Neville destroyed this horcrux during the second part of the Battle of Hogwarts. 
Neville used this weapon, which he pulled out of the Sorting Hat, to destroy the horcrux. 
Neville was given one of these by his Grandmother to help his memory, but he lost it. 
Neville inadvertently created another secret passageway from the Room of Requirement to this Hogsmede destination. 
During the first part of the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville is seen running, in earmuffs, with these plants, which he used against the Death Eaters. 
During the cease fire of the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville helps Oliver Wood carry the body of this Gryffindor. 
In the second part of the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville helps Ron duel and defeat this Voldemort Supporter. 

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