Name that F.R.I.E.N.D (Friends Trivia)

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Can you name the friend or secondary character on the show 'Friends'?

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Who is 'Gene'? (Mark Johnson/John Markson)
This person should get a medal. (Think: Six Month Dry Spell)
Had sympathy pains in the form of kidney stones.
Emma's birthday cake had a striking resemblance to this person's 'downstairs.'
This person is not paying for your wine cellar, you theiving, would be speaking German if it weren't for us, cheap, cheap, little man.
Fashions stars from tin foil.
Who is a Strong. Confident Woman. Who does not need to smoke?
They have rat babies.
Some can sing, some can dance, this person can turn phallic cakes into woodland creatures.
Hates icecream.
This person developed early.
This person told Monica to take off her shirt.
Broke up with a guy because it was icky.
This person thought Ross looked like he invented the cotton gin.
Owned a monkey.
Made a kid cry by lifting up his/her shirt.
This person asked Chandler to stick out his tounge.
This person rolled over the juice box.
In Season Five, they had done it 298 times.
The rooster goes, or this person is getting a coyote.
'You really got a hold on me' is played during a montage of them.
Had sex at Disneyland.
This person is scrappy.
This person's real favorite movie is Weekend at Bernie's.
This person is very bendy.
According to Ross, Julie isn't...
This person doesn't want to have to tell his/her son one day that he/she turned off free porn.
They kissed at midnight in season one.
This person hasn't felt her/his feet in years.
This person is kind of a ****. (Think:Outfit.)
Sir Isaac Newton is pissed... at who?
Bonus 2: What is Chandler Bing's Job (before he quit and went into advertising.)
The only thing this person can't have is dairy.
Hates animals dressed like humans.
This person got stung... stung bad.
Bonus: According to Chandler and Joey, What was totally worth losing the apartment back to the girls?
This person thought Ross' suit looked better on him than on Col. Sanders.
They made Chandler cry.
Had sex on the back of a Staten Island ferry.
This person is Pennsylvania Dutch.
This person thought her/his own nickname was just what all the friends called eachother.
Can drink a gallon of milk in ten seconds.
Who is Hospital Worker Ben?
Rust is boat cancer. This person lost a bike to that.
Sometimes this person can still hear the screaming... (DO IT, DO IT NOW!)
This person took off the shower curtain because he/she is safety conscious.
Apologized to a cat.
This person knew he should have hid at the gym.
This person came to Rachel's for a hair straightener.
This person was Chandler for Halloween.
Had a thing.
Acted as a Nurse.

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