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Updated Dec 2, 2013

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Ross broke up with me because I wasn't Rachel.
Monica broke up with me because I lied about my age, and it was 'icky.'
I broke up with Rachel because she was moving too fast... and the wedding dress thing was pretty freaky.
I broke up with Joey because I'm kinda of a loner.
Ross and I didn't work out because he couldn't stand to be in my apartment.
Phoebe and I didn't work because I was still obsessed with Ursula.
Phoebe couldn't stand to be around me, I guess I just had a much too positive outlook on life.
Chandler broke up with me multiple times. He wanted me to try and make my marriage work.
I left Joey because I got a part on General Hospital in L.A.
Rachel and I didn't work because she wasn't over Ross.
Joey and I didn't work out because I'm pretty much a flake.
Rachel broke it off with me because we were in different places. The age difference was a big thing.
Phoebe and I didn't work out, I shot a bird.
Losing Monica was the worst mistake of my life. I was still in love with her long after our break-up.
Rachel was a little freaked out by my sister and I. But, we're just really close, honestly!
Joey and I didn't work out because we had nothing in common.
Ross and I didn't work out because I was still in love with my ex.
Phoebe and I broke up because I didn't want to get married. I realized I still loved her later.
Phoebe and I fizzled out over a period of about 10 years. I really shouldn't have gone to Minsk.
Joey and I didn't work out because I fell for someone else.
Chandler and I didn't work out because he thought I slept with someone else and didn't call me, so then I did sleep with someone else.
Phoebe and I didn't keep seeing each other because she thought I was creepy, and apparently they all just really hated me.
Joey threw my prosthetic leg in the fire.
I couldn't get over Chandler's... 'nubbin.'
Joey and Ross lost me at gonorrhea.
Rachel wanted me to open up to her... and then when I told her about chicken boy, I just couldn't stop crying.
Ross thought I was too immature for him. He sucks.
Monica couldn't stand to watch me get hurt. I just wanted to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion.
Joey and I couldn't be together because I couldn't stand Monica and Chandler.
Raquel and me... no more. Phoebe has nice... how do you say... butt?
Chandler didn't want to share me... with three other men.
I reminded Monica of my father. It was emotionally scarring.
Ross broke up with me because he was still in love with Rachel. He was nice enough, however, to call me a taxi.
Ross and I got a divorce because I couldn't trust him.
Ross wasn't very attentive to me during our relationship, and he kept keeping things from me. He wouldn't even let me keep his pink shirt.
Monica and I decided to just be friends, I thought she had a drinking problem.
Ross and I didn't work out because, as it turns out, I'm a lesbian.
Phoebe stopped seeing me because I kept falling out of my shorts.
Rachel and I didn't work because she didn't love me... but I told everyone it was because she had syphilis.
Rachel stopped seeing me because I reminded her of someone. Her friends said it was Bob Saget.
Ross and I didn't really date... just had a one night stand, that probably ended up being the worst mistake he ever made. Eh, I got a watch out of the whole fiasco.
I didn't really date Chandler, I just pretended to be into him to get him naked in public.
I really liked Joey, I'm not sure what went wrong, all the sudden his friend Rachel just kicked me and he didn't do a thing about it! I had to leave after that.

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