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Forced Order
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In which comic did Ultimate Deadpool first Appear
Which DP corps is missing, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool ...
Which Video game did Ultimate Deadpool recently make an appearence in
Deadpool's mistress in the Afterlife
Deadpool's first love was a mutant called ...
Who portrayed Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Which wall does deadpool often break?
Deadpool stole this guy's Identity
Which writer created Deadpool
Who was better known as the A-Man
What is Deadpool's room of torture called?
What was the name of the doctor that tortured DP
Deadpool is currently a member of...
How many voices are in Deadpool's head?
In Deadpool's first appearence who was he sent to kill?
Deadpool had a popular comic series with ...
Deadpool's Irish Crush
Deadpool is a parody of which DC Character?
Who is DP's Geeky Weopon Supplier
What is the name of the 'noir' like Deadpool Stories
what colour box(s) does deadpool think in?
In which comic (e.g spiderman #1) did Deadpool first make his appearance
What was the name of the guide dog DP stole?
Who is Deadpool's often useless sidekick?
DP Hero or Villain
Which of Deadpool's Enemies can plant a virus into a persons brain
Deadpool's Real Real name is...
Deadpool's Real name is ...
What is the name of the Old Blind Woman DP kidnapped
Which illness caused DP to volunteer for the weopon x program?

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