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A supernatural hero has a mission to protect a boy from being possesed by the Devil
A paranormal research division consisting of a demon and a fish creature must face an ancient evil
A crime lord is left disfigured and vows revenge on the vigilante that did it to him
Retired CIA agents are targeted to be killed by current CIA agents
A pathetic banker gains reality manipulating powers from the ancient mask of Loki
In an alternate 1985, vigilantes have been outlawed and are being killed off
A guitarist returns from the dead to exact revenge on the ones who killed him and his wife to be
After the death of his father, a journalist and his father's mechanic become super heroes posing as criminals
An unhappy office worker is recruited by a team of assasains who find their targets using a loom
An old war hero is recruited by a secret organisation to stop a terrorist threat called Hydra
An elite black ops team fake their deaths in order to get revenge on the man who tried to kill them
A scientist was experimented on by his father as a boy and after a laboratory accident transforms into a monster when stressed
Hero tries to clear the name of a chinese business man accused of trading military secrets
Noir Superhero faces a crime lord known as The Octopus
A super-villain tries to woo the woman he loves until his nemesis starts dating her
A symbiote bonds with the hero as he looks for the killer of his uncle
A series of dark stories located in Basin City
A comicbook geek uses his ability to withsatnd pain becomes a masked hero
4 super criminals dehydrate the world leaders and must face their heroic foes
A woman allies herself with a terrorist set on repeating the events of November 5th

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