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300 Spartans go to war against Persia
A vampire hunter with all their strengths and none of their weaknesses prevents the arrival of the blood god
In order to date his girlfriend, he must frist defeat her 7 evil exes
A mutant undergoes a procedure to bond the metal Adamantium to his bones, in order to avenge the death of his girlfriend
An alien from a dying planet gains superpowers on Earth to fight a criminal mastermind
5 astronauts are exposed to cosmic rays. 1 becomes a supervillain and the other 4 become heroes
Stuntman sells his soul to the Devil and must defeat a group of demons to end his curse
A blind lawyer defends the streets of Hell's Kitchen from the Kingpin of crime
An Asgardian god is banished to Earth by his father
A group of remarkable heroes unite to stop an alien invasion
Billionaire trains as an assasain to become a crime fighter in his home city
A woman develops feline skills in order to stop a deadly make-up drug
A scientist transforms into a monster when angry and must face the army and the Abomination
Hero loses his powers whilst a mad scientist causes havok with his 4 robotic tentacles
A fearless test pilot is chosen to join the alien police force of Oa
Hero is forced to retire after being severly injured by a deadly masked man
3 alien invaders come to Earth to rule it, but are prevented by it's super hero protector
Inventor is kidnapped by terrorists and develops a suit of armour to escape and become a super hero
2 mutants create a team to prevent the Cuban Missile Crisis
Science nerd is bitten by radioactive spider and uses his new powers to fight giant Lizard

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