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How to Play Forced Order
I don't want any pushing and I don't want any shoving. We're going to do this in an orderly manner. Arcade Fire EP
You and I, we head back east to find a town that we could live.The Suburbs
If you still want me, please forgive meFuneral
A cage is a cage, is a cage, is a cageArcade Fire EP
In the forest we are hiding. Unmarked graves where flowers grow.Funeral
Between the click of a light and the start of a dream. Neon Bible
Sometimes I can't believe it. I'm moving past the feeling.The Suburbs
After all the hangers-on are done hanging on to the dead lights of the afterglow. I've gotta know Reflektor
Light a candle for the kids. Jesus Christ don't keep it hid.Funeral
I hurt myself again, alone with all my friends.Reflektor
You can cry I won't go. You can scream, I won't goReflektor
They say a watched pot won't ever boil. Funeral
Because the tide is high, and its rising still.Neon Bible
The memory's fading. I can almost remember singing.The Suburbs
They burn the jungle down, while they were sleeping it grew.Reflektor
With my lighnin’ bolts a glowin’ I can see where I am goin'Funeral
Mirror mirror on the wall, show me where their bombs will fallNeon Bible
When the voices came, you cut your hair, but you're still confusedReflektor
Hey! We all gotta keep warm. Arcade Fire EP
So why do we go through all of this again. Arcade Fire EP
It's for your own good. It's for the NeighborhoodFuneral
Three cheers for my parents, lonely failed experements. Arcade Fire EP
There's no end in sight. I need the darkness someone please cut the lights!The Suburbs
If you see a shadow there's something there.Funeral
Come on and blow the wires away. Come on and blow the wires away.The Suburbs
When your love is bad, you don't know why your so sad. But it's time to go.Reflektor
If I was scared, I would. And if I was bored, you know I would.The Suburbs
You've got your reasons, and me I've got mine. But all the reasons I gave were just lies.Neon Bible
You know I've got nothing to hide. You know I've got nothing.Reflektor
Locks us up safe and hides the key. But the night tears us loose.The Suburbs
They build it up just to burn it back down. The wind is blowing all the ashes around.The Suburbs
Been working for the church while your family dies.Neon Bible
You came home from school and knew you had to run. Reflektor
Now our lives are changing fast. Hope that something pure can last.The Suburbs
Daddy it's fine, I'm used to it now, but tell me why they treat me like this.Reflektor
When I'm by myself I can be myself and my life is coming but I don't know when.The Suburbs
Makes me feel like, in my dream I was almost there but you pulled me aside.The Suburbs
Resurrected, livng in a lighthouse. If you leave them ships are gonna wreck.Neon Bible
Take the poison of your age, don't lick your fingers when you turn the page.Neon Bible
I dreamt I drove home to Houston on a highway that was underground.The Suburbs
They know my name 'cause I told it to them but they don't know where and they don't know when.Neon Bible
People say that you'll die, faster than without water.Funeral
That's why we're still driving around and around and all we see are kids in buses longing to be free.The Suburbs
Now I'm overcome. By the light of day. Neon Bible
I don't have to drive. I don't have to speakFuneral
You're standing next to me. My mind holds the key. Neon Bible
The sound is not asleep. It's moving under my feet. Neon Bible
Oh, come on home!Arcade Fire EP
If I could have it back, all the time that we wasted I'd only waste it again.The Suburbs
Our song skips on little silver disks. Our love is plastic, and we'll break it to bits.Reflektor
We stood beside a frozen sea. I saw you out in front of me. Reflektor
If you can't feel it then the roots are dead. And if your the judge, then what is our crime?Reflektor
All my old friends, they don't know me now. The Suburbs
Took a drive into the -------- to find the places we used to play.The Suburbs
Please don't even call. I can't hear you at all.Arcade Fire EP
You change all the lead. Sleeping in my head.Funeral

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