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Dose: SC injection 2-3 times weekly
MOA: Antimetabolite and antifolate
IFN beta 1-a (Rebif) class
Use: For pts who do not respond to corticosteroids during acute attacks
First line drugs for disease modification
Use: Depression. Also helps with pain
Use: treatment of spasticity
Modafinil class
IFN beta 1-a (Avonex) class
SE: Inj site rxn w/ high doses, flu-like s/s (responds well to naproxen), monitor liver fx, may develop neutralizing Ab, may increase depression.
Second line agent MOA: monoclonal Ab
Axathioprine class
SE: Thyroid disorders, ITP (with fatal brain hemorrhage), infections.
MOA: Monoclonal Ab. Shows functional improvement not just slowing of decline
Glatiramer acetate class
Use: Fatigue, cognitive impairment (long acting agent)
Second line agent: RRMS, SPMS, Progressive Relapsing MS
Use: Fatigue
Off line agent used in the treatment of acute attacks
SE: Localized inj site reactions. Self-limited (15-20 min) acute rxn resembling a panic attack (palpitations, dyspnea, flushing) -- not an indication to stop tx
Dose: IM weekly
Duloxetine class
MOA: alkylating agent
Second line agent given IV monthy
Dose: IV infusion every 3 months
Rituximab class
Dose: Oral daily (first PO MS drug)
First line RRMS agent injected SC daily
Venlafaxine class
MOA: Immune modulator, exact mechanism not known.
Dose: 1 gram/day IV for 3-5 days
MOA: Anti-organ rejection drug
MOA: Potassium channel blocker. Possibly increases conduction in demyelinated axons
SE: HR reduction of 10-20 bpm, occasionally bradyarrhythmias or AV block -- screen for cardiac dz (6 hr monitoring w/ first dose). Macular edema in 1% (reversible). Check varicella
Cyclophosphamide class
Excreted by kidney: contraindicated in moderate to severe renal failure
Carbamazepine class
MOA: Purine analog
Second line agent for RRMS that produces reduction in progression of disabilty
Second line agent: RRMS. Reduced relapses & progression of disability
Dose: Oral. In extreme cases intrathecal
Dose: 1250 mg/day PO for 3-5 days
Tricyclic class
Prednisone class
Alemtizumab class
Use: pain and paroxysmal disorders
Natalizumab class
Plasmapheresis class
IFN beta 1-b (Betaseron) class
Gabapentin class
SE: Seizures at higher than recommended doses (contraindicated in pts with a hx of seizure)
Daclizumab class
Methylprednisone class
Use: Depression. Also helps with fatigue
Methylphenidate class
Baclofen class
Fingolimod class
Mitoxantrone class
MOA: Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor modulator. Sequesters lymphocytes.
Mycophenolate class
MOA: Synthetic form of myelin basic PRO copolymer 1. Binds to MHC molecules. Competes w/ myelin antigens for presentation to T cells.
SE: Risk of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. Rare fatal viral (polymyxoma JC virus) reactivation infxn affecting white matter in immunosuppressed (only a risk to pts w/
Dose: SC injection every other day
Tizanidine class
MOA: Immunomodulator/antineoplastic
Dalfampridine class
Methotrexate class
Bupropion class

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