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MOA: Inhibits __________ and interferes with the RELEASE of progeny influenza virus (early administration crucial)
Hospitalizes 2-3% of infants in the first 12 months of life
AVOID in asthma and COPD
Agents used in RSV infections
Contraindicated in pts with uncorrected anemia, end-stage renal failure, ischemia vascular dz, and pregnancy
Active against BOTH Influenza A and B
Most common cause of bronchiolitis and PNA in children < 1 y.o.
SE: anaphylaxis (hypersensitivity), infections, skin reactions, GI symptoms
Use: For the prophylaxis and tx (if taken within 2 days of symptoms)
Blocks ___ ion channels and INHIBITS UNCOATING
Neuroaminidase Inhibitors
SE: hemolytic anemia, skin rash, depression, fatigue, irritability, nausea, insomnia
Anti-influenza agent classes
Oral bioavailability is increased with high fat meal and decreased with antacid
M2 Inhibitors
Used in children with severe RSV to minimize bronchiolitis or PNA.
Adverse reactions: GI upset, CNS (dopaminergic effects), teratogenic potential, peripheral edema
RSV agent used only for prophylaxis
Conditions increasing hospitalization rates by 4-5X
A nucleoside analog that interferes with the synthesis of guanosine/adenosine triphosphate, inhibits capping of viral mRNA; inhibits viral RNA polymerase. Phosphorylated (activated
SE: bronchospasm and psychological effects
________ + peg IFN alpha-2A = standard tx for HCV
Agent(s) used in the chemoprophylaxis and treatment of influenza A (if administered early). Also can be used in the tx of Parkinson's dz
SE: GI symptoms and psychological effects
Active against Influenza A only
100% resistance with seasonal H3N2 and 2009 pandemic flu
Negative sense, single-stranded RNA virus
A humanized monoclonal Ab directed against an epitope in the A antigen site on the F fusion protein of RSV (blocks VIRAL ENTRY to host cells)

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