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A function or definition that refers to itself.
A single command in a programming language.
To do multiple times (as in each execution of a loop body).
A sequence type that acts like an immutable list.
Binary digit. Fundamental unit of information. Usually represented using 0 and 1.
The area of a program where a given variable may be referenced.
The process of giving a value to a variable.
A subprogram within a program. Take parameters as input and can return values.
An error in a program.
A function that lives inside an object.
A program entity that has some data and a set of operations to manipulate that data.
A detailed sequence of steps for carrying out some process. A recipe.
An identifier that labels a value for future reference. The value can be changed through assignment.
A table showing the value of a Boolean expression for all possible combinations of values in its subexpressions.
Part of a program that produces data.
Notation for writing algorithms using precise natural language, instead of a computer language.
A printed message that signals to the user of the program that input is expected.
A value that is passed to a function when it is called.
A particular object of some class.
Makes an external library module available for use within a program.
The text of a program in a high-level language.
Describes a set of related objects.
The instance variables and methods of an object.
Programming language statement that controls the execution of other statements.
Text placed in a program for the benefit of human readers. They are ignored by the computer.
A data type for representing numbers with no fractional component.
Generic term for the block of statements inside a control structure such as a loop or decision.
Control Structure for implementing decisions in a program.
An external collection of useful functions or classes that can be imported and used in a program (e.g. math).
Short for 'picture element'. A single dot on a graphical display.
A control construct for executing portions of a program multiple times
A collection of similar objects that can be accessed through indexing. Usually fixed-sized and homogeneous
The process of finding and eliminating errors in a program.
A data type for representing numbers with fractional values.
The process of invoking a function's definition.
To run a program or segment of a program.
Base two numbering system in which the only digits are 0 and 1.
The form of a language.
In GUI programming, an outside action such as a mouse-click that causes something to happen in the program.
Binary Boolean operator that returns true when either or both expressions are true.
The process of placing one control structure inside of another.
A data type for representing sequential collections.
A data type for representing a sequence of characters (text).
A style of interaction with a computer application that involves heavy use of graphical components such as windows, menus and buttons.
Binary Boolean operator that returns true when both of its subexpressions are true.

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