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hintconfidence booster
diamond anniversary years (for a person)
number of legs on a woodlouse
letters of the alphabet
number of moons of Jupiter
number of vertebrae in the human spine
date of the moon landing, 19...
number of cards in a deck (with jokers)
total number of balls on a snooker table
distance, in millions of miles, that the Sun is from the Earth
a bakers dozen.... unlucky bakers!
Sum... Canadian rock band
limbs on an octopus
number of days that Gautama Buddha sat under a bodhi tree for to understand the nature of reality and the Universe
... days later, British apocalyptic film
atomic number for potassium
how old Michael Jackson was when he passed away
number of Baskin Robbin's flavours
number of strings on a harp and the number of keys on a celesta
number of hectares (10,000sqm) is the area of the Vatican City
number of cents a woman was paid in comparison to man's dollar in 1970's
number if degrees in a right-angle
number of times the word 'Yeah' is used in both the songs 'Lithium' and 'Man on the Moon'
number of chromosomes in cells
the number..., film starring Jim Carrey
number of main members in So Solid Crew
number of victims in the Hillsborough Disaster, 1989
number of inches in a yard, or the number of barleycorns in an English foot
number of syllables in a haiku
morse code for 'best regards'
the greatest, Number ...
number of main types of river erosion
number of elements that occur naturally on Earth
how many days Phileas Fogg has to go around the world
number of centurians in a group
hintconfidence booster
Heinz... variety of sauce
minimum age for US senators
number of hours in three days
means 'take away' in the restaurant industry
a dozen
in MPH, a common speed limit for freeways in many American states, as well as the national speed limit in the UK
19__, year of the Tiananmen Square protests
hours in a day
last two digits of years of the Battle of Hastings, the Great Fire of London and England winning the World Cup
number of points of the Star of David
number of humps on a bactrian camel
AK... assault rifle
number of holes in a full course of golf
cents in a dime, or dimes in a dollar
day in the last month that many countries celebrate Christmas on
dots on a dice added up
My Super Sweet ... MTV series
number of days in February in a leap year
minimum grade required to pass an exam, or class, in many areas
number of weeks after conception that a baby is born (average)
number that Raymond counts toothpicks in increments of in 'Rain Man'
a hurricane is a system of sustained winds at this many MPH
number of vertices on a square based pyramid
number of years between the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Battle of Gettysburg
number of bones in the human hand
number of subjects in Sporcle
number of letters in the world record for the longest place name
number of indentations in the hexagon of a chinese checkers board
number of books in the old testament (Protestant version)
a score
number of counties in New York
usual number of players-a-side in football
age of a man in his prime in Ancient Rome, at which he is eligible to become a consul
number of weeks that Elvis Presley stayed at no. 1 in the Billboard charts
hintconfidence booster
Herbie's racing number
age that a jewish man may have his second bar mitzvah
Miracle on street, 1994 film
wonders of the world
number of different characters that can be used with a standard English keyboard
Philadephia ...ers, professional basketball team
number of steps on each side of Chichen Itza, the Mayan pyramid
number of squares on a chess board
number of degrees (fahrenheit) that is ideal for developing black-and-white film
MPH a Delorean time machine must be to time travel
number of members in the Great Sanhedrin, the supreme court of ancient Israel
percentage of Japanese people that are cremated
average human body temperature (C)
model number for a harpoon (missile)
IQ and nickname of Aaron in Alien 3
Area ..., military base located in southern Nevada
American comic book series published by DC Comics
number that symbolises the Hells Angels motorcycle club
total number of gifts in 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' on the twelfth day
percentage of a jellyfish that is water
name of a 2009 animated film
number of minutes in 'The Dark Side of the Moon', as well as its position in Rolling Stone's greatest album chart in 1987
highest temperature recorded in Earth (in celcius)
number of countries that have English as an official language
an ice cream with a flake
the meaning of life according to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'
diamond anniversary years (for an event)
card game that originates from Ireland (plural of this)
number of days that was the period from Jesus' resurrection till his ascension into heaven
Group of ..., group of developing nations in the UN
blind mice
number of counties in Florida, Alabama and Pennsylvania

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