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Infamous/Famous fact or characteristicName of Member
The one nocturnal member
Likes to let it 'all hang out' at events
Not sure why we took him
Awkwardly pet a girl in Paul's dorm room fall semester 2009
Coolest dog
Owner of the most frat gear known to man
Worst story teller
Greatest frat swoop
Owns a tazer that produces 30000000 volts
Tallest chapter member
Threw a rock through a neighboring fraternity's window
Tallest girlfriend
Nicest fishtank around
Can do the Chris Tucker dance better than Chris Tucker himself
Infamous/Famous fact or characteristicName of Member
Biggest muscles
Best mustache in chapter
Best bed-wetter
Worst mustache in chapter
Stole boxers from the dryer in Herget after pissing his own
Has a watch that tells ALL time
Most zeta hook-ups in recorded sig ep history
Loves him some DEISEL
Will Chadwick look-a-like
Highest shorts
Eats democrats for breakfast
Most avid scuba-diver in the state of LA
Pees in any form of stagnent water at any event
Wore a clip-on tie to first pledge meeting

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