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Infamous/Famous fact or characteristicName of Member
Most avid scuba-diver in the state of LA
The one nocturnal member
Will Chadwick look-a-like
Wore a clip-on tie to first pledge meeting
Stole boxers from the dryer in Herget after pissing his own
Likes to let it 'all hang out' at events
Most zeta hook-ups in recorded sig ep history
Biggest muscles
Greatest frat swoop
Owner of the most frat gear known to man
Pees in any form of stagnent water at any event
Can do the Chris Tucker dance better than Chris Tucker himself
Tallest chapter member
Loves him some DEISEL
Awkwardly pet a girl in Paul's dorm room fall semester 2009
Infamous/Famous fact or characteristicName of Member
Not sure why we took him
Has a watch that tells ALL time
Worst story teller
Owns a tazer that produces 30000000 volts
Worst mustache in chapter
Best bed-wetter
Best mustache in chapter
Threw a rock through a neighboring fraternity's window
Eats democrats for breakfast
Tallest girlfriend
Nicest fishtank around
Coolest dog
Highest shorts

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