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Song in other wordsName of song
Circle of flames
A single item at any given part of a day
Refrain from bringing firearms into the city
I tread slowly in a straight fashion
My father vocalized in a low tone
A male in a dark color
Comprehend your male partner
Located in the penitentiary at the present time
A young male with a female name
Weep, sob, bawl
Song in other wordsName of song
Obtain a sense of the beat
The stuff of the body and the fluid in the veins
Ovum siphoning canine
Large Running Body of Water
I provide my adoration for a woman named for a flower
A song in story concerning a young royal woman
The male offspring of John
On the condition that I held a job working with wood
Attention, man who carries the luggage
I'm extremely bereft, in the manner of a man whose pet has run away

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