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Sound waves with frequencies above the normal human range of hearing
A fluid filled cavity shaped like a snail shell in the ear
These three bones make up the smallest bones in your body- hammer, stirrup
Gas, solid, liquid are the three types of these that sound can travel through
The study of how sounds interact with each other and the environment
A description of how high or low the sound seems to a person
A disturbance that travels through a medium as a longitudinal wave
In cold temperatures this is how sound travels
A set of notes that combine in patterns that are pleasing
Guitar and violin are examples of these instruments
This affects the sound quality of a musical instrument by increasing the loudness of certain overtones
Sound with frequencies below the human range of hearing
brass and woodwind instruments are in this category of instruments
A reflected sound wave
The object's highest natural frequencies
The change in frequency of a wave as its source moves in relation to an observer
Sound waves make this vibrate in the ear
When the echoes of a sound are heard after the sound source stops producing sound waves
The ability of a material to bounce back after being disturbed
How much matter there is in a given volume
The amount of energy a sound wave carries per second through a unit area
Where the vocal cords are located
The lowest natural frequency of an object
Describes your perception of the energy of a sound

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