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Stewie's middle name?
Nationality of Peter's father?
Name of Lois' mother?
Name of Peter's mother?
Name of the cartoon Peter, Meg and Chris create?
Name of the duck that looks like Lois?
Star wars spoof #1?
Star wars spoof #2?
Star wars spoof #3?
Name of Quagmire's deceased wife?
Kid with the up-side-down face?
Name of Brian's incredibly stupid ex-girlfriend?
Stewie's half brother?
Which NFL team did Peter play for?
Which position did he play?
Which number did he wear?
Which team did he get transferred to?
Name of Mort Goldman's wife?
Who owns the Clam?
Name of the news presenter that replaced Diane Simmons?
Name of the fast talking weather reporter on channel 5 news?
Name of Joe and Bonnie's daughter?
Who does Cleveland play in the star wars spoofs?
Who does Quagmire play in the star wars spoofs?
Who does Herbert play in the star wars spoofs?
Name of Brian's gay cousin?
Name of Peter's dead goldfish?
Where does Cleveland move to when he leaves Quahog?
Which shop do Brian and Stewie destroy with the help of Meg's tank?
Who is discovered to be the killer in 'And Then There Were Fewer'?
Who owns the puppet shop?
What is the puppet shop owners real surname?
What is the name of Lois' sister?
Can you give me her full name?
What is the name of the Giant Chicken's wife?
What is the name of Peter's fishing boat?

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