Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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George Huang is a _________?
Which cast memeber was a product of rape?
Is SVU fiction or non fiction?
'ripped from the _________'
What's the male main character's name?
Who created and produced Law & Order?
A detective _________ a case.
What is a crime?
Who's mother is bipolar?
You have the right to remain _________?
What year did SVU premier?
What color is 'Law &' written in on the dvd box set?
Where does it take place?
What season is it on?
What type of offenses are in the unit?
Captain _________ _________.
What channel does it come on?
Is Ice-T a cast memeber?
What day of the week does it come on?
Do you feel like a victim?
What does SVU stand for?
What's the female main character's name?
The Medical Examiner's name is _________?
Do you know the Miranda Rights?
How many episodes to date have been produced?

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