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thin crisp cracker usually sprinkled with salt
a strong string of two or more strands twisted together
manner of preparing food; style of cooking; also; the food prepared
mineral that is a natural potassium chloride and occurs in colorless cubes or crystalline masses
heavenly, godlike
any of a class of basic organic compounds derived from ammonia by replacement of hydrogen with one or more monovalent hydrocarbon radicals
to state as an opinion
waste material that is secreted by the kidney in vertebrates
to determine or identify the essential qualities or meaning of
of or relating to the navigation of the sea
characteristic of or appropriate or unique to women
to utter a high-pitched plaintive or distressed cry
nonmetallic halogen element used especially in medicine, photography, and analysis
tall-climbing semievergreen Asian shrub with fragrant white flowers
place in which devotion is paid to a saint or deity
a process or channel of supply
adjacent over hypotenuse
an extreme scarcity of food
pit or excavation in the earth from which mineral substances are taken
water of a sea or salt lake

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