Can you name the Heroes characters?

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Can you name the Can you name the Heroes characters??

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Look at the picture and name the charactSeasons 1-4
His name sounds like the name of the show
He had the power to telepath and precognition
First one to show her powers on the show, she likes to commit suicide
When she's about to use her power her eyes turn black
The main Villain on the show
Power to fly
Multiple powers, mimicry power
Enhance dreaming
At first didn't have any powers until he inject himself with a gene-altering formula
Look at the picture and name the charactSeasons 1-4
Twins (enhance strength and freezing water)
Electric manipulation
Acquired the power to amplify and energy manipulation
Adoptive muscle memory
biological Mom of the girl with the power to generate rapid cells(can create fire)
Has the power to remove your memory
Enhance speed

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