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How many sisters?
Middle name?
Favorite Color?
Eye color?
Plays what instrument?
Favorite movie?
What would his superpower be?
Favorite song?He did a cover to it!
Who does he live with?
Easy one! What band is he in?
Best Friend?Not in the band!
What is his Youtube channel?
Which X-Factor 2010 contestant did he fancy?
What shoes does he wear?
Signature style?
Star Sign?
Who will be his best man at his wedding?
How does he confront hate?
How much of him is Belgium?
Where did he meet Harry?
What was his first word?
How many times did he get pulled over during the making of WMYB?
What superhero would he most like to be?
Favourite Aftershave?
Bath or Shower?
Mobile phone(s)?
favourite grooming product?
Where did he used to work?
First celebrity crush?

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