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LyricsSong Title
i got so much chips they call hewlett packard
pow, one to the head now you know he dead
im a venereal disease like a minstrel bleed
what happens on my bus stays on my bus
im a shark in the water you just long john silver
and i go so hard, b**** i go so hard
i wake up in the morning take a piss and wash my hands
doin' 90 in a 65
watch a football game and bet it all on one play
open up her legs to fillet mignon that p****
and im grindin till im tired lookin to find a way thru the day
they loved her fancy underwear, every boyfriend, every year
i see she wearin dem jeans that show her butcrack my grils cant wear that
my love is a soldier and my heart is a grenade (kabloom)
we poppin champaign like we won a championship game
i run it myself like a quarterback option
gotta run when i hear da bird call, dang, hop in that thang and merk off swerve off
im in this b**** with the terra
shawty want a thug, bottles in da club
ima do it again, like n**** backwards
and if you make it rain she will be under the weather
LyricsSong Title
cause her uniform pants are so tight, she read me bout them rights
i peel of in the lamborghine, like a tangerine
maan I swear to God I was 12 years old
when it comes to styles i got several, sharper than a swagger, dagger, or medal
if you aint gon' ride fly you might as well hate
i got two b****s one peanut butter one jelly
im so official all i need is a whistle
im married to that crazy b**** call me kevin fed
as i hit the killswitch
life is a gamble and im all about my poker chips
boy you got a problem but you aint fooling no one but yourself
they cant stop me even if they stopped me
khaled best dj weezy best actor if khaled say it a movie then weezy best actor
he's the greatest on the team and im the greatest on the verse
brim low all i can see is tha flo'r
if your man aint me then why botha
im in the bathroom takin me a rich n**** sh*t
definatley not probably and honestly im down like the economy
the good times i had with my pops he was a good guy, how can the good die
i see her boyfriend hating like a city cop

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