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A book flying out of a pair of handsGoF
Umbridge leading Harry and Hermione into the Forbidden ForestOotP
The Dark MarkGoF
A funeralHBP
Neville looking disheveledDH
A snake behind an armchairGoF
Katie Bell floating in the airHBP
Dumbledore sitting in his officeOotP
Harry staring up at FudgeOotP
Pigwidgeon carrying a letterPoA
Harry playing QudditchSS
A pair of snake-like eyesGoF
Wormtail holding up a daggerGoF
Harry's eye reflected in a piece of mirrorDH
A gnome dressed as an angel on top of a treeHBP
A toad-like woman waving a wandOotP
Hermione cleaning up spilled ink for RonHBP
Hagrid with a steak on his faceOotP
Words written on the back of a handOotP
A dirty man brandishing a knife at someoneHBP
The sign of the Deathly HallowsDH
A sphinxGoF
Harry standing in front of a mirrorSS
Harry pushing open a doorOotP
Harry without glasses, eyes closedDH
Harry sitting on a cliffDH
Harry lying in a bushOotP
Dobby wearing lots of hats and scarvesOotP
Dumbledore holding a swordCoS
A tank of brainsOotP
Sirius' head in a fireplaceOotP
Hideous dress robesGoF
An exploding fireplaceGoF
A chocolate frog with a Dumbledore cardSS
Two goblins sitting around a fireDH
A row of elf heads on a wallOotP
Hagrid carrying HarryDH
Quirrell unwrapping his turbanSS
Two figures behind a statue of a stagGoF
A creepy-looking dogPoA
Umbridge with a clipboardOotP
Hedwig and trunks being rained onGoF
A dilapidated houseDH
Snape pointing his wand at someoneHBP
Filch holding Malfoy by the earHBP
Dobby bowingCoS
Kreacher and Dobby bowingHBP
Ron enchanted by FleurGoF
A flying carCoS
People outside the Burrow looking upDH
Professor TrelawneyPoA
Neville looking under a seatHBP
Snape and Sirius arguingOotP
A schoolbookSS
A bootGoF
A steaming goblet of potionPoA
A trunk with lots of locks and keysGoF
An eyeball mounted on a doorDH
Hermione stuffing a large frame into a tiny purseDH
Two smoke snakes intertwiningOotP
Hepzibah holding a locketHBP
Lockhart holding a bookCos
Harry staring at a hoop on the floorHBP
A deer Patronus in the woodsDH
Young Severus, Lily and PetuniaDH
A brand new broomstickPoA
Tonks conjuring a PatronusHBP
Luna wearing a giant lion hatOotP
Harry in bed with a rubbery armCoS
A man that looks like an armchairHBP
Harry leaning into a pensieveOotP
A pair of eyeballs watching Harry from a bushCoS
A man with a huge eye looking over his shoulderGoF
Harry and Dumbledore standing on the shoreHBP
The Sorting HatOotP
Moody, Lupin and Tonks at Platform Nine and Three-QuartersOotP
Baby Harry wrapped in a blanketSS
A giant, dead spider next to a mound of earthHBP
A dancing shamrock hatGoF
Dumbledore addressing the studentsGoF
Harry holding a glowing orbOotP
Harry, Ron and Hermione staring at a Prefect's badgeOotP
Cloaked figures in a cemeteryGoF
A beetleGoF
The Fountain of Magical BrethrenOotP
Someone holding Scabbers by the tailPoA
Goyle staring in a mirrorCoS
A pair of eyes in a dark thicketOotP
A crying mandrakeCoS
Harry's head in a fireplace talking to KreacherOotP
Mrs. Norris hanging from a torchCoS
Lupin sitting at a tableDH
Four dragons in a penGoF
Malfoy in front of a mirrorHBP
The Dark Mark over HogwartsHBP
Harry and Sirius dodging kitchen implementsOotP
Bellatrix holding HermioneDH
A ball of wormsGoF
Rita SkeeterGoF
A tent in the woodsDH
Platform Nine and Three-QuartersDH
Dumbledore's empty officeHBP
A girl reading a magazine upside-downOotP
Fleur carrying a trayHBP
Voldemort with NaginiDH
A map of HogwartsPoA
Three figures floating over a burning tentGoF
A sign of a decapitated pigOotP
Envelopes zooming from a chimneySS
A dragon flying over a lakeDH
A time-turnerPoA
Harry riding a giant owlGoF
Harry feeling his foreheadGoF
A pair of legs disappearing behind the Whomping WillowPoA
A cage full of monster booksPoA
A cloaked figure with a gross handPoA
Fred and George flying away from HogwartsOotP
Harry staring at a row of bedsPoA
Ron and Hermione listening to a radioDH
The Gray LadyDH
A spider being cursedGoF
Nearly Headless Nick petrifiedCoS
A chair piled with wandsSS
Crookshanks behind a treePoA
Harry and Ron exiting the Fat LadySS
Hagrid with an umbrella and an owlSS
A lynx PatronusDH
A trollSS
A snakeskin nailed to a doorHBP
A picture of young HagridGoF
Something covered in boils sleeping in an atticDH
Harry looking at a broken wandDH
A newly-hatched dragonSS
A sleeping giantOotP
A statue of James, Lily and baby Harry covered in snowDH
A cauldron full of a leaping potionHBP
Krum catching the SnitchGoF
A dog stalkingPoA
Multiple HarrysDH
Harry and Hermione surrounded by DementorsPoA
Three owls carrying packagesPoA
A portrait of a young girl over a fireplaceDH
Two wizards making tables fightGoF
Moaning MyrtleCoS
Two wizards guarding giant doorsDH
Dumbledore holding a bottle next to HarryHBP
A giant snakeskinCoS
Ron on a broomstickHBP
A hand in a fireplaceOotP
A suit of armor punctured with daggersDH
An expanding womanPoA
A piece of parchmentCoS
Ron vomiting slugs into a cauldronCoS
Dudley surrounded by presentsSS
A diary stabbed by a fangCoS
Ginny walking past HarryHBP
Harry and Cho at Madam Puddifoot'sOotP
Harry staring at his reflection in a bowlGoF
A portrait of a very small, ugly manHBP
A freshly-dug graveDH
A dog with a newspaper in its mouthGoF
The Shrieking ShackPoA
An elf head wearing a Santa hatOotP
Harry with a long shadowGoF
Voldemort's hands holding a wandDH
Ron drinking a potion while Harry and Hermione watchHBP
A centaurSS
A car being pummeled by a treeCoS
An open egg with bubbles coming outGoF
Harry and ghost LilyDH
A cloaked figure entering the Forbidden ForestSS
Young Voldemort sitting on a bedHBP
A wooden cup full of flamesGoF
Harry holding GinnyDH
Harry pointing his wand at something coming out of a suitcasePoA
Harry catching the SnitchPoA
An envelope covered in stampsGoF
Dumbledore and Voldemort duelingOotP
A crowd of people in a doorwayOotP
Two figures standing outside a door that is ajarHBP
A mummy coming out of a closetPoA
A creepy-looking towerDH
A dwarf singing a valentineCoS
Snape pointing his wand at a piece of parchmentPoA
Harry staring down from the astronomy towerOotP
A spiderwebCoS
Winky drunkGoF
Peeves holding walking sticksSS
Aunt Petunia being attacked by an owlOotP
The Dursleys being attacked by floating glassesHBP
The Room of RequirementHBP
A picture of Peter, Sirius, James and LupinDH
Firenze teaching a classOotP
Dudley shaking Harry's handDH
A ship rising from the waterGoF
Hermione in a dress followed by Harry and RonDH
Hermione tickling a pearGoF

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