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Dumbledore holding a swordCoS
An elf head wearing a Santa hatOotP
Words written on the back of a handOotP
Pigwidgeon carrying a letterPoA
A portrait of a young girl over a fireplaceDH
Harry and Sirius dodging kitchen implementsOotP
A pair of eyeballs watching Harry from a bushCoS
Neville looking under a seatHBP
A brand new broomstickPoA
Dobby bowingCoS
A dragon flying over a lakeDH
Harry with a long shadowGoF
Lockhart holding a bookCos
Harry and Hermione surrounded by DementorsPoA
Baby Harry wrapped in a blanketSS
A sign of a decapitated pigOotP
Snape and Sirius arguingOotP
An open egg with bubbles coming outGoF
Two wizards guarding giant doorsDH
Harry riding a giant owlGoF
Hermione in a dress followed by Harry and RonDH
A portrait of a very small, ugly manHBP
Three figures floating over a burning tentGoF
An envelope covered in stampsGoF
Young Severus, Lily and PetuniaDH
A piece of parchmentCoS
A pair of legs disappearing behind the Whomping WillowPoA
Harry playing QudditchSS
A dirty man brandishing a knife at someoneHBP
A beetleGoF
Goyle staring in a mirrorCoS
Nearly Headless Nick petrifiedCoS
Voldemort's hands holding a wandDH
The Dark MarkGoF
A sphinxGoF
Cloaked figures in a cemeteryGoF
Ginny walking past HarryHBP
A cauldron full of a leaping potionHBP
A sleeping giantOotP
Lupin sitting at a tableDH
Harry without glasses, eyes closedDH
A book flying out of a pair of handsGoF
A tent in the woodsDH
A chair piled with wandsSS
Hideous dress robesGoF
Harry feeling his foreheadGoF
Harry staring up at FudgeOotP
Ron enchanted by FleurGoF
Dobby wearing lots of hats and scarvesOotP
A freshly-dug graveDH
Two wizards making tables fightGoF
Harry holding a glowing orbOotP
Harry holding GinnyDH
An eyeball mounted on a doorDH
Katie Bell floating in the airHBP
A crying mandrakeCoS
Harry lying in a bushOotP
Bellatrix holding HermioneDH
Moody, Lupin and Tonks at Platform Nine and Three-QuartersOotP
A man that looks like an armchairHBP
A funeralHBP
A hand in a fireplaceOotP
Firenze teaching a classOotP
Sirius' head in a fireplaceOotP
A ship rising from the waterGoF
Kreacher and Dobby bowingHBP
Someone holding Scabbers by the tailPoA
Harry pointing his wand at something coming out of a suitcasePoA
A man with a huge eye looking over his shoulderGoF
Harry and ghost LilyDH
A creepy-looking towerDH
Krum catching the SnitchGoF
A gnome dressed as an angel on top of a treeHBP
Hagrid with an umbrella and an owlSS
A wooden cup full of flamesGoF
Ron drinking a potion while Harry and Hermione watchHBP
The Dark Mark over HogwartsHBP
Professor TrelawneyPoA
A statue of James, Lily and baby Harry covered in snowDH
Ron vomiting slugs into a cauldronCoS
Umbridge leading Harry and Hermione into the Forbidden ForestOotP
Hermione tickling a pearGoF
Hermione cleaning up spilled ink for RonHBP
Peeves holding walking sticksSS
Dumbledore addressing the studentsGoF
A toad-like woman waving a wandOotP
A ball of wormsGoF
A map of HogwartsPoA
Dumbledore holding a bottle next to HarryHBP
Something covered in boils sleeping in an atticDH
A car being pummeled by a treeCoS
Luna wearing a giant lion hatOotP
Dumbledore's empty officeHBP
The Fountain of Magical BrethrenOotP
A pair of snake-like eyesGoF
A girl reading a magazine upside-downOotP
An expanding womanPoA
Harry looking at a broken wandDH
A schoolbookSS
Fred and George flying away from HogwartsOotP
Winky drunkGoF
A picture of Peter, Sirius, James and LupinDH
Hepzibah holding a locketHBP
A cloaked figure with a gross handPoA
A tank of brainsOotP
Crookshanks behind a treePoA
Ron on a broomstickHBP
Snape pointing his wand at a piece of parchmentPoA
A cage full of monster booksPoA
The Sorting HatOotP
A dwarf singing a valentineCoS
A trollSS
Quirrell unwrapping his turbanSS
Rita SkeeterGoF
A dilapidated houseDH
Three owls carrying packagesPoA
A diary stabbed by a fangCoS
A centaurSS
Two figures standing outside a door that is ajarHBP
Hagrid carrying HarryDH
Harry, Ron and Hermione staring at a Prefect's badgeOotP
Two goblins sitting around a fireDH
A flying carCoS
Harry staring down from the astronomy towerOotP
Aunt Petunia being attacked by an owlOotP
Ron and Hermione listening to a radioDH
Two smoke snakes intertwiningOotP
A giant snakeskinCoS
Envelopes zooming from a chimneySS
A spider being cursedGoF
Harry in bed with a rubbery armCoS
Dudley shaking Harry's handDH
A spiderwebCoS
A dancing shamrock hatGoF
Four dragons in a penGoF
Voldemort with NaginiDH
Harry and Dumbledore standing on the shoreHBP
Young Voldemort sitting on a bedHBP
Moaning MyrtleCoS
Harry staring at a row of bedsPoA
People outside the Burrow looking upDH
Wormtail holding up a daggerGoF
Fleur carrying a trayHBP
Harry leaning into a pensieveOotP
The Shrieking ShackPoA
Dudley surrounded by presentsSS
A chocolate frog with a Dumbledore cardSS
Hermione stuffing a large frame into a tiny purseDH
A steaming goblet of potionPoA
Platform Nine and Three-QuartersDH
Harry's head in a fireplace talking to KreacherOotP
A suit of armor punctured with daggersDH
A dog stalkingPoA
Snape pointing his wand at someoneHBP
A picture of young HagridGoF
A lynx PatronusDH
A snake behind an armchairGoF
Harry and Ron exiting the Fat LadySS
A trunk with lots of locks and keysGoF
Harry catching the SnitchPoA
Harry and Cho at Madam Puddifoot'sOotP
Filch holding Malfoy by the earHBP
An exploding fireplaceGoF
Neville looking disheveledDH
Hagrid with a steak on his faceOotP
A pair of eyes in a dark thicketOotP
Tonks conjuring a PatronusHBP
A newly-hatched dragonSS
A crowd of people in a doorwayOotP
A time-turnerPoA
Multiple HarrysDH
A creepy-looking dogPoA
Harry's eye reflected in a piece of mirrorDH
The sign of the Deathly HallowsDH
A cloaked figure entering the Forbidden ForestSS
Dumbledore sitting in his officeOotP
The Room of RequirementHBP
A dog with a newspaper in its mouthGoF
Two figures behind a statue of a stagGoF
Harry staring at a hoop on the floorHBP
A snakeskin nailed to a doorHBP
Harry sitting on a cliffDH
A giant, dead spider next to a mound of earthHBP
The Gray LadyDH
Malfoy in front of a mirrorHBP
Harry staring at his reflection in a bowlGoF
A row of elf heads on a wallOotP
Harry standing in front of a mirrorSS
A bootGoF
Dumbledore and Voldemort duelingOotP
A deer Patronus in the woodsDH
Hedwig and trunks being rained onGoF
A mummy coming out of a closetPoA
The Dursleys being attacked by floating glassesHBP
Umbridge with a clipboardOotP
Harry pushing open a doorOotP
Mrs. Norris hanging from a torchCoS

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