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Can you name the characters of 'The Eagle Series' of books by Simon Scarrow?

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One of the protagonists of the series, initially a Centurion
The other protagonist, initially a recruit but quickly made an Optio
Slave to the Flavians and initial love interest of one of the series' protagonists
Legate of the Second Legion
Initially Senior Tribune of the Second Legion
Freedman and Imperial Secretary to the Emperor
General in command of the invasion of Britain
Wife of the Legate of the Second Legion
Initial Senior Centurion of the Second Legion Augustus, with a dislike of the younger protagonist
Initial clerk of the sixth century, fourth cohort of the Second Legion
The Emperor during the invasion of Britian
The older protagonist's love interest when stationed in Camulodunum
Her large, jealous and protective cousin
King of the Atrebates after the Roman invasion
Commander of the rebellious British forces
The son of a Greek pirate, and later leads a slave revolt
The lover of the younger protagonist in the later books, and later agrees to be his wife
British captain and brother of their overall commander

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