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Notable Work(s)/Famous ForCelebrityLetter
Angels and Demons/Vantage Point/The Night of the Iguana/The Killers/XXX/Land of the Dead/J.Edgar/Mirror MirrorA
Sin City/Snatch/Che/Crazy in Love/IrreplaceableB
Monster/Prometheus/Ally McBeal/Red Eye/28 Days Later/Twilight/PandorumC
Blood Diamond/Amistad/My Best Friend's Wedding/The Grey/The Sopranos/Assault on Precinct 13/Home/5-1-5-0D
Poseidon/The Phantom of the Opera/Once Upon A Time/Dirty Little Secrets/Matilda/Schindler's ListE
Run Lola Run/The Bourne Identity/X-Men/Taken/The OthersF
Iron Man/Shakespeare in Love/My Own Private Idaho/Practical Magic/ERG
X-Men/Catwoman/The Dark Knight/Brokeback MountainH
Confessions of a Shopaholic/The Wedding Crashers/Jane Eyre/Fright NightI
Matrix Reloaded/Madagascar/Poseidon/The Last KissJ
Terminator 3/Twilight Saga/A Perfect Getaway/Matrix/SpeedK
Scary Movie/White Chicks/The Fifth Element/The Professional/Wolverine/The OmenL
American Pie/The OC/La vie en rose/Inception/I try/Watchmen/The Proposal/Aeon Flux/Dream HouseM
Notable Work(s)/Famous ForCelebrityLetter
Prometheus/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/Game of Thrones/HeadhuntersN
King/Evening Shade/Black Sabbath/Close My Eyes ForeverO
Lucia and the Sex/The Spirit/Spanglish/Ally McBeal/Arrested DevelopmentP
Pulp Fiction/Kill Bill/Inglorious Basterds/Last Holiday/Beauty ShopQ
Die Another Day/Surrogates/Silent Hill/Underworld: Rise of the Lycans/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/Legally Blonde/Walk the Line/You Lied/Rosemary's BabyR
The Host/Atonement/A Knight's Tale/40 Days and 40 Nights/Frida/Grown Ups/Alien vs Predator/Holes/Transformers/Alien/Avatar/Thor/The Avengers/Castle/District 9/Hips Don't LieS
Michael Clayton/Moonrise Kingdom/Rock'nRolla/Crash/The Hole/Dungeons and Dragons/Deep Impact/The Family Man/The BirdsT
Kill Bill/Pulp Fiction/Blade/BloodRayneU
Kill Bill/Mission Impossible/Pulp Fiction/The Hills Have Eyes/3:10 to Yuma/XXX/Pitch Black/A History of Violence/Lord of the Rings TrilogyV
Paris,Texas/Wings of Desire/Faraway, So Close!/Tombstone/OK CorralW
Gattaca/Nikita/Air Force OneX
First man on space/The Simpsons/Lennon's wife/The Magnificent Seven/WestworldY
Memoirs of a Geisha/Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonZ

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