Scholastic's 50 Greatest Books for Kids!

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Can you name the Scholastic's 50 Greatest Books for Kids?

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HintBook and Author
Pig and Spider
Bedtime Classic
A girl's quest to save her dad
Winter weather
Breakfast food?
WWII Story
Classic poetry
Animal friends
Canadian, Shirley
Eat and eat and eat
12 little girls
Wild Wood
Vashti creates art
Magic water
Daddy needs to shave
HintBook and Author
Marian Anderson
Twin rabbits in the city
Classic poetry
Bud on the run
Teddy Bear
I Think I Can...
Jonas and memories
Fruitless Mountain, Minli
Penguins, zebras, pandas, for example
Birds don't drive
Sibling love?
Winter wear
If you find me, I'll turn into a....
Fight to the death
In a school of fish
HintBook and Author
Choo choo
English orphan Mary
Stopping the bear
Greg... what a wimp
What animals say
Clever girl
He's not so scary
Lucy and siblings
In a zoo
Pedro and Daniel
A box is...
A boy survives a plane crash
Sarah comes from Maine

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