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Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs who was killed by a terrorist bombing in Gaza
Secret Service agent assigned to protect one of the White House Senior Staff
Congresswoman for Maryland
Democratic pollster who had a short relationship with Joey Lucas
Leo McGarry's lawyer
New York Times White House reporter
Oldest daughter of the Bartlet family
Former Labour Secretary
Worked on the campaign to re-elect Bartlet and then elect Arnold Vinick as President
First Lady of the United States and qualified doctor
Associate White House Counsel that embarrased a White House staffer on national television
Part of the team that was brought in to re-elect Jed Bartlet
Deaf political consultant and pollster
NSA Advisor to the Bartlet White House
White House staffer that resigned to run for Congress
Assitant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs
Majority Counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee
Political consultant briefly hired as Director for Legislative Affairs
Associate White House Counsel that uncovered the affair that ultimately led to the resignation of the Vice-President
Personal Aid to the President
Got married at the White House
English Ambassador to the US
Had a brief spell as assistant to the Deputy Communications Director
Santos-McGarry Deputy Campaign Manager for Strategic Planning
Vice-President's Chief of Staff
White House Counsel known for his hot temper and cricket bat
Presidents Personal Secretary
White House Communications Director
Head of the Women's Leadership Coalition and influential women's rights activist
Presidents Executive Secretary who is killed in a car crash
Deputy Press Secretary for Media Relations
Campaign Manager for the Santos-McGarry Campaign
A staffer in the Santos Congressional office
White House staffer injured in terrorist attack in Gaza
Staffer and personal aide to Presidential nominee Matt Santos during the Santos-McGarry Campaign
Head of the Presidents Secret Service detail
TV host that baited a White House staffer as a 'chicken'
Presidents Executive Secretary who had a brief stint as an alpaca farmer
White House intern assigned to the Deputy Chief of Staff
Therapist specializing in trauma cases
Vinick-Sullivan Campaign Manager after Sheila's resignation
Daughter of the Chief of Staff
Santos-McGarry Deputy Campaign Manager for Communications
First Lady of the United States
Chief of Staff to the Senate Majority Leader
Media consultant that worked for Lloyd Russell
White House Senior Staffer given the CIA codename Flamingo
Son in Law of President Bartlet
Secretary to the Chief of Staff
White House correspondant for the Washington Post
Deputy National Security Advisor in the final two years of the Bartlet White House
President of the United States for two terms
FBI Special Agent often used to brief the President
Youngest Bartlet daughter

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