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It actually means, 'You, um, breed with the mouth of a goat.'Castiel
You can take your peace, and shove it up your lily-white ass.Dean
Did you almost shoot a Yorkie?Lisa
Like Greek myth sirens? The Odyssey? ...Hey, I read.Dean
Dude, could you be more gay? Dean
Sam, get a load of the rims on you!Trickster
Okay. Uh, well, did you try turning it off and then on? Okay, go ahead and turn it off. No no no, just, just off. All right, give it a second. Turn it back on. Is it printing now?Sam
I don't know, I'll find some hoodoo priest and lay some mojo on him.Sam
Shut your painted hole, Renee.Tammy
Sam: [quoting] 'I was sleepin' with my peepers open.'Sam
Those are real. Obviously. I mean, who would pretend to be an FBI agent, huh? That's just nutty. Dean
All right, but first I wanna find that handsome devil and kick the holy crap out of him.Dean
Is that the girl with the haunted kidney? Just when you think you’ve seen it all.Dean
DEAN: [holds up spoon to Sam] Bend this.Dean
You're invited too, Grumpy.Pamela
You’re the one who pizza rolled Tinkerbell.Sam
Dude, I'm not going to do Fight Club with a 12-year-old.Sam
Yeah? You ever see exploding eyeballs?Dean
Dude, I believe that he-witch gave you the clap.Dean
Sam? Is it really you? And you're so firm!Becky
I just remembered that when I was a kid I swallowed like 8 things of Pop Rocks and then drank a whole can of Coke. You don't think that counts as a suicide attempt, do you? Ava
This is a vessel. My true form is approximately the size of your Chrysler Building.Castiel
Well, I usually like to be warned before I'm violated with demon tongue.Dean
You rocks think you’re so smart.Dean
I know what an EMF meter is, but why does that one look like a busted up walkman?Sam
We talking, like, misdemeanor kind of trouble? Or 'squeal like a pig' kind of trouble?Dean
I said stop firing! That usually means, stop firing.Rufus
It frustrates me when you say such reckless things.Dean
Hey, Sam remind me to beat that buzzkill out of you later.Dean
That's my favorite Godzilla movie. It's so much better than the original, huh? He likes the remake...Dean
You try exorcising all night, see how you feel.Bobby
So you found some beetles, in a hole, in the ground. That's shocking, Sam! Dean
Trench coat. Looks like Columbo, talks like Rain Man.Lovecraft Collector
Come on, you still burst out crying when you see Ronald McDonald on the television!Dean
Am I the only gamepiece on the board who doesn’t underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares?!Crowley
My daddy shot your daddy in the head...Meg/Sam
She just cougar-eyed you.Dean
But... me and Kali, we, uh... had a thing. Chick was all hands.Gabriel
Your, uh, ultimate hero was not only a short man in diapers, but he was a fruitarian?Dean
Dean, you sure you don't want me to drive? You... you seem a little... caffeinated.Sam
Ohh... know how I can tell? That perky little ass of yours. You could bounce a nickel off that thing! Of course I know it's you, Grumpy. Pamela
What the hell is wrong with you? You don’t just go around shooting people like that!Dean
QuoteEpisodeWho Said It
Sweetheart, if this is our last night on Earth, I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect.Jo
That God-awful Celine Dion song made me want to smite myself.Balthazar
What the hell are we gonna do with it? We can’t actually drop it off at an orphanage. They might get upset when it turns Asian.Dean
There's an afterlife all right. But mostly it's a pain in the ass. Dean
So, crayons are more your thing. That's cool, chicks dig artists. Dean
Honestly that thought hadn't occurred to me...Sam
I had to break into the principal's office to get this. Oh, and FYI, three of the cheerleaders are legal. Guess which ones.Dean
I'm not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot.Dean
BOBBY: Since when did you get a pacemaker? RUFUS: Since Bush Junior, term one. I’m down three toes too, FYI.Bobby & Rufus
I think he wants us to pick up where he left off, you know, saving people, hunting things, the family business.Dean
Okey-dokey, wood chipper. That pretty much trumps everything.Rufus
You know what else isn't good for group? A monster eating all our faces off!Ted
These are not the droids you're looking for.Andy
Well, yeah, I figured you were more her type, she had pretty crappy taste in guys....Dean
I don't understand that reference.Castiel
Hey man I'll try anything once, but I don't know, that sounds uncomfortable.Dean
I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up.Dean
Dean, what do you think you're doing? This is a very serious investigation. We don't have time for you're blah-blah-blah-blah.Sam
You mind slowing down? You're gonna give me angina.Dean
Dean, always with the scissors...Sam
Would you look at that? I'm freaking velvety smooth.Dean
Crazy is relative. Sam
CROWLEY: What's in the bag? CASTIEL: You are.Crowley & Castiel
Do you think it's because we're so awesome? I think it's because we're so awesome. Dean
No, he's just kidding. We only came here to watch.Sam
DEAN: I told him you were a dumbass pledge and that we were hazing you. SAM: And he believed you? DEAN: Well, you do look like a dumbass pledge.Dean & Sam
You seem even more constipated than usual. Maybe get you some Colon Blow?Crowley
Dude, you fugly...Dean
Hey, ass-butt!Castiel
You're not gonna bust out the misty goodbye speech, okay? I mean, if this is my last day on Earth, I do not want it to be socially awkward.Dean
Sam loves research. He does. He keeps it under his mattress, right next to his KY. It's a sickness, it is. Dean
Last time you zapped me someplace I didn't poop for a week!Dean
Well, if you're gonna ride me this close it's only decent that you buy me dinner.Jo
Dear Castiel, who art maybe running his ass away from Heaven, we pray that you have your ears on. Breaker, breaker?Dean
I am on call, in my car, on my way to murder the b*tch.Dean
What are you, the hamburglar?Dean
Now it just looks like you’re pooping.Dean
SAM: What the hell happened to him? CASTIEL: MeSam & Castiel
Master chief is in the house, biz-atches!Gary
SAM: Hey, Dad, whatever happened to that college fund? JOHN: Spent it on ammo.Sam & John
Only b*tches send a grown up.Ben
So the daddy was the babydaddy too? Dean
QuoteEpisodeWho Said It
It smells like old lady in here.Dean
Sniffing people’s butts? Yeah, that’s a real step up.Dean
Boy, you see me sawin' some bony tramp in half? You think I'm a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room but I can't just pull facts outta thin air! Missouri
You're so damaged.Dean
I suppose it can stay... I like the pizza.Death
Are we..... Should we..... Are we gonna kill this teddy bear?!Sam
What's up with toothless? Cavity creeps get ahold of him?Dean
Sam, next time you wanna get laid... try to find a girl that's not so buckets of crazy.Dean
SAM: There's probably still a sandwich in the back seat. DEAN: It's tuna.Sam & Dean
You guys don't walk enough. You're gonna get flabby.Dean
I may have been born at night, boy, but it wasn’t last night.Bobby
Is there garlic on this pizza?Shapeshifter
Crazy's in there. And I just hung up on it.Henriksen
DEAN: I mean, I don't like gettin' singled out at birthday parties, much less by God. SAM: Okay, well, too bad, Dean. Because I think He wants you to strap on your party hat.Dean & Sam
This is the car of a lifetime. Trust me, this thing's still going to be badass when it's forty. Dean
Dark, evil crap and lots of it. They follow him around like a friggin' Pied Piper.Sam
But our working theory was that we're looking for some kind of Vengeful Spirit, you know, Casper, the bloodthirsty ghost.Dean
He’s watching her sleep. How is that not rapey?Dean
Well, it won’t kill demons by then, but I can promise it’ll kill you!Bobby
I'm making this stuff up as I go. Sue me.Dean
Let me tell you, whoever said Dean was the dysfunctional one, has never seen you with a sharp object in your hands. Trickster
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here.Dean
My best friend... and my best sister!Ed Zeddmore
Man, I think I'm allergic to our soap or something.Sam
Sooner or later, He's going to come back home, and you know how He is with that whole... wrath... thingJoshua
Is it customary to wear a blanket?Castiel
SAM: This is the dumbest thing you've ever done. DEAN: I don't know about that. Remember that waitress in Tampa?Sam & Dean
KATHERINE: Why would anyone want a job like that? SAM: I had a crappy guidance counselor. Katherine & Sam
No, not really. We have guns and we'll find you.Sam
Whoa, whoa. Kamikaze? I'm more like a ninja.Dean
I'll just... wait here then.Castiel
They burned down my house. They ate my tailor!Crowley
So, they lock you up with a case of the crazies, when really you're just tuning into angel radio?Dean
No, I'm pretty sure. Like, 90 percent sure. But I'm sure enough...Dean
DEAN: I mean, you had, you had, like a deck of cards and a wand. SAM: Dude, I was thirteen. It was a phase. Dean & Sam
That was for our mom, you son of a bitch.Dean
I’m sitting like this so you’ll look at my breasts. I just bought them. I need a lot of attention.Skanky Bar Girl
If you ask me, we're doing the art world a favor.Dean
Wow! This is a lot of dolls. They're nice...They're not super creepy at all. Dean
Oh, John, please – mind your blood pressure.Meg
I see they improved your face. Dean
Dude, I'm not enabling your sick habit. You're like one of those lab rats that pushes the pleasure button instead of the food button until it dies. Sam

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