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Can you name the one syllable words (non-proper) that rhyme with 'ham'?

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first person singular present of be
used to imitate the sound of a hard blow
a projection on a rotating part in machinery
a marine bivalve mollusk with shells of equal size
completely fill
a barrier that impounds water or underground streams
a small drink of whiskey or other spirits
one thousandth of a kilogram
squeeze or pack tightly into a specified space.
a side post or surface of a doorway, window, or fireplace
hit (someone) hard
a young sheep
a term of respectful or polite address used for a woman
an uncastrated male sheep
a dishonest scheme
leave or go away from a place quickly
a thing that is not what it is purported to be
shut forcefully and loudly
irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients
past of swim
a trolley car
used to express the sound of a forcible impact
the edible starchy tuber of a climbing plant

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