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Can you name the most remote locations under various different categories?

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The most remote major city with a population of 1,000,000+ 2153km from nearest city of 1,000,000+ (Sydney)
The most remote major city with population of 500,000+ 3841km from nearest city of 500,000+ (San Francisco)
The most remote airport 3759km from nearest airport (Santiago - SCL)
The most remote capital city 2330km from nearest capital city (Two cities)
The most remote island 1600km from nearest land (Queen Maud Land, Antarctica)
The most remote archipelago2816km from nearest land (South Africa)
Pole of inaccessibility - land (Enter country containing point)The point on land furthest from any ocean (2648km)
Pole of inaccessibility - sea (Enter ocean containing point)The point at sea furthest from any land (2688km)

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