Cities by Distance and Bearing

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Can you name the city reached travelling in a straight line for the starting city, distance and initial bearing given?

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Starting CityResulting CityDistance and Initial Bearing
Riga 361km 007
London 335km 151
Beijing 2095km 095
Berlin 840km 203
Auckland 7077km 029
Mexico City 2409km 116
Astana 2560km 084
Casablanca 1919km 165
Miami 300km 223
Dubai 868km 267
Starting CityResulting CityDistance and Initial Bearing
Tripoli 1342km 331
Cairo 426km 062
Colombo 1964km 026
New York 3937km 274
Johannesburg 504km 145
Jakarta 5211km 138
Zagreb 367km 106
Barcelona 1012km 256
Caracas 2744km 204
Santiago 1137km 100

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