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Inventor of the cotton gin. (1793)
Author of the Nation Anthem. (1814)
First President to die while in office. (1841)
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. (1852)
Only President of the Confederate States of America. (1861)
Youngest President to hold office. (1901)
The President during World War One. (1914)
Discovered the existence of galaxies other than the Milky Way. (1925)
Flew the Spirit of St. Louis nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean. (1927)
First Director of the FBI. (1935)
Hit safely in a record 56 consecutive baseball games. (1941)
First pilot to break the speed of sound. (1947)
Developed the first effective polio vaccine. (1955)
Youngest President ever elected to office. (1961)
First man to walk on the moon. (1969)

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