Chapter 16: Probability and You!

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Let's See How Dumb You Are
What is used to find the probability of given outcome on a repeated independent trials of a binomial experiment and to approximate the probability when the trials are not indipende
Find The Probability of getting a Black Card in a standard deck
Do This Also: Payoff: 60, 52, 50 ; Probability: 0.4, 0.5, 0.1
What is the name of Laura's most talked about cat?
Find the probability of getting a diamond
What is the most commonly talked about topic in our math class?
Find the probability of getting a black heart
What is the annoying process that also is a lovely plant?
Let's See How Dumb You Are
How Many cows are in the picture on page 634?
The probability of an event is determined by either...?
What number with make Kristen raise her arms up?
A bag contains 5 marbles and 3 white marbles. If two are picked with no replacement, what is the probability that the number of red marbles is 0? 1?
What is the answer on the first page of Chapter 16?
DO THIS: Payoff: 9,7,5 ; probability: 0.1, 0.3, 0.6
Various Payoffs in a given situation are....?

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