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Olfactory neurons lie in
Cribriform plate is part of which bone?
What areas of the cortex does the PPC project to?
Blanched and protruding into globe- optic disk- what is wrong?
Which ion channel does GABA act on?
Which transmitter acts on nmda receptors?
Nerve innervating superior oblique
Type of receptors on tastebuds, neurotransmitter
Afferent pathway of the pupillary light reflex is carried in which nerve?
Wernicke's area is concerned with _______ speech
Lesions of PPC cause
Axon pathway connecting brainstem nuclei involved in coordinated eye movements
What nt to neurons of the globus pallidus use?
Vestibular cerebellum outputs to which nucleus
The fovea contains a high density of
What type of movement is when the eyes both move towards the midline
Major supply of posterior parietal cortex
The thalamus relays info to the
Parasympathetic innervation of ciliary muscle arises in which nerve
Semi circular canals detect
Which nerve innervates the utricle and saccule
The fornix has afferents and efferents to
Cell bodies of the preganglionic parasympathetic supply to the ciliary ganglion lie in which nucleus?no -
Where is the pineal gland?
Sensation and innervation of posterior 2/3 tastbuds is by which nerve?full name of nerve, not number
Which bone are semicircular canals in/
Sympathetic innervation of the pineal gland regulates the release of
Olfactory nerves terminate in the
Anterior hypothalamus receives major input from
Dopaminergic degeneration in parkinsons occurs in the
What is special about the optic disk?
Excitatory/inhibitory: StN to GPi
Neurotransmitter causing pupillary constriction
Nerve innervating lateral rectus
Broca's area is for ___ aspects of speech
Information from tastebuds relays toabbreviated
What type of neurons are found in the caudate?
The PPC integrates what type of info?
Sn pars compacta neurons project tonot collective name, use ,
Chorea-like movements are linked to degeneration of the
Which type of neurons first degenerate in Alzheimers, where?
Hypokinesia and ridigity are common in
What connects the 2 cerebral hemispheres?
Tastebuds in anterior 2/3 of tongue innervated byfull name of nerve, not number
Which part of the substantia nigra is most affected in Parkinsons?
Primary taste cortex is in the
Major target of amygdala output
Dreaming happens in which phase of sleep?
Lateral division of olfactory tract sends fibres to the:
Which nucleus controls circadian rhythms?
Major output pathway from the amygdala

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