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Can you name the Harry Potter Chapter Titles from the Cryptic Clues?

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Cryptic ClueChapter TitleBook
Abundant MucusHBP
Meat, Lineage and a Matter of ContentionGoF
The Desire of White Latin BumblebeesDH
To Be - AvidCoS
Regress to a DenGoF
Wasted ResidenceHBP
Knave Bludgeoner without OnCoS
Felidae, Rodentia, CanidaePoA
Skirmish at Pigs - PimplesDH
Literary FacadeCoS
Luck of LuckHPB
Bug in a GulfOotP
Serpents OculusOotP
Corsair's ChartPoA
Latin Why - IrritationPS
Latin Dragons SidetripHBP
Apart from the ScavengersDH
Royal ExodusHPB
In Prosper and StigmasCoS
Missile HousingDH
Are in GawpOotP
Cryptic ClueChapter TitleBook
Disappearing PanePS
Angry MonarchDH
Witching Hour TwicePS
Champion MotorPoA
Gastropodic CudgelHBP
Following Almost Two DecadesDH
Animals StoryDH
Testament and Testament NotHBP
Fatal ConsecrationDH
Claws and Brew DepartsPoA
Septuple CeramicistsDH
Backstabbing FellowPS
Demented I SulkGoF
Noel OrbGoF
Three Mage ContestGoF
Well Romanced MoonOotP
Angry Sounding - Metal BarsPS
Benefactor - You and MePoA
Gloomy Second GospelGoF
Porter and SquatGoF
Drubbing SalixCoS
Ag and SiO2.H20HBP
Of French - TeacherPoA

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