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'Look, the paparazzi!'The Special
'You look like my friend, Ivan's hot mom!'If You Can't Take The Heat...
'She is so lucky, she gets to wear that sparkly head thingy.'Princess Pride
'Stuck on an island with two hot girls, too bad they're both completely annoying!'Camp Castaways
'Maybe they don't speak moron!'Ocean's Eight... Or Nine
'Oh, don't even bother trying to freak me out producer people!'Phobia Factor
'Glitter glue, stickers, puffy paint. Yes!'Awww, Drumheller
'You want a sandwich before you impale me with your big, scary hook?'Hook, Line and Screamer
'You're going to give up the chance at a million big ones? That's a lot of hair weaves.'Monster Cash
'Who needs this stupid show anyway?'The Big Sleep
'Come on, the race isn't over yet! We still have to burn stuff!'Up The Creek
'Uh, your secret weapon's being weird!'Beach Blanket Bogus
'That's just fine with me you marshmallow eating freaks!'Who Can You Trust?
'Forgot my 'roids back at the gym.'The Special
'I barf a little in my mouth every time I think of what happened to him.'The Aftermath: Trent's Descent
'Owen, Owen, he's our guy! If he can't do it, uh,.. he's, he's not our guy!'Riot On Set
'Wouldn't know, math is for ugly people.'The Sand Witch Project
'We're gonna bring the dinner to the table, and then we're gonna eat it!'Dodgebrawl
'I have cow boobies on my head!'3:10 To Crazy Town
'Sorry for calling you a waste of skin. You know that was just the adrenaline talking.'Chinese Fake-Out
'I just don't get why we lost, eh! They're the ones with six girls.'Not So Happy Campers 2
'I'd tell you it will be OK, but I'm not going to lie. My mom said I would never fib again, so yeah, you're probably dead.'The Aftermath: For-Gwen and Forget
'Such beauty will not fall through giant airplane holes on my watch!'Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan
'♪ You went behind my back, In the worst kind of attack. Ah! Now you find me gone! I'm no longer your pawn. ♪'The Aftermath: Trent's Descent
'If you're going to drop props on my head, at least make them geographically correct!'Haut Camp-ture

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