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clueepisode title
Audrey, 'kneel before todd!!', chinese restaurant
welcome back spirits, witnesses, omen
gluten allergy, clueless highschoolers
Gordon, bloody 'drug', clans, beheaded by wire
'Dean we dont have time for any of your blah blah blah blah'
'...and this is what you're gonna become!!', hospitalized Bobby, bela steals the colt
shoes worth killing for, 'who was that masked chick?
passcode, 'ask for chief', tarot cards
bela's dirty little secret, 'dont objectify me', formal dress party
falling piano, ax tragedy, poisonous taco, slippery shower
Jo used as bait, awkward car ride, ectoplasm
a tracking magic coin, Brady, Hellhound fight
'whats you name?' - 'i have many names' , holy water laced beer
'you have a neighbor named mr rogers?'
hanging rabbit, coven, rotton hamburger
Buster, human cannibals, haunted house,
'..king or two queens?', flashbacks, bikini inspector
risen from the dead, '..things that are dead should sat dead..'
nancy fitzgerald, sam and dean get jailed, sacrificail virgins
raphael in a nice vinaigrette, 'i told her it wasn't her fault her father abandoned her. its because he hated his job.....'
irish accent, two 4's, possible fountain of youth
'Sam is just fair game', code word: funkytown
suicidal/homocidal cop, psychiatrist, two idiot teens
indian curse, 'well you are kinda butch..', shower spiders
greatest blues player, hellhounds, 10 years
meg vs. john, a possible psychic baby, 'its still in there !',
Motel 6, kali, Gabriel's p*rn tape, 'dont mock me turtle'
'...hmm i love me some pie' , ava, deadly tragedy
'thank god' - 'you can call me dean' , man with spilled guts
secrets, mirrors, exploding eyeballs
Jimmy the vessel, mom slaps daughter in parking lot
dean wanted for kidnapping, slimy shedding, 'you are disgusting! just get the hell out of here'
alastair vs anna, angel voices, amnesia
hallucinations, detox, panic room
clueepisode title
abused teen seeks revenge, premonitions
a supernatural frankenstein?, salvation for Dean, missing body parts
'i dont think i like you anymore', holy water sprinklers
'you smell like a sewer', adultery, RIP Jessica
'let me guess? antiquers?', dolls, swimming pool
bathroom cat fight, deadly cusinart, dirk the jerk
Missy, a female cop, sam in a cage
jesus figurine, man impaled by bbq fork, ' just cant go around shooting people...'
Wesson? Smith?, workaholics, zachariah
'this is the best sandwich ever', bladeless lawnmower
'you know, this chicken aint half bad', tiny, Duncan
anna targets young john and mary
vampire coven, poisonous blood, fake colt
commercial, gameshow, comedy sitcom
awkward handshake, 'i punched a d*ck', love bites to the extreme
changelings, an epic moonbounce, dean is a
dean meets tessa, soul trading, life support
'....our mom is hot.. .'
priest's daughter, iowa town, tragic date, hunt for a silver remain
ben edlund, laundromat, an almost hot scene between sam and lilith
crossroad deal, gateway to hell opened
old hallows eve, mausoleum party, zombies
horny castiel, sam in white, rabid girl
Eli and clan, Gordon, cow killings
an evil girl with a doll in hand, regeneratin family portrait, 'thats my boy'
heart condition, ugly nurses, reaper
video cameras, hell hounds, infinite birthday party
'he's not on any flatbread', MIA God, war
'juice, juice, juice juice..', monster in the closet, Missouri
necrophilia, rental car, 'come to me', SHA333
sacred tree, sacrifices, false idols
bastard son, sams slit wrists, head shot
burning handprint, 4 months, skeptical bobby
'Si, el senor lincoln', sam can speak spanish?
clueepisode title
dean dines with death
'you should have paid more attention in latin class', 'you drink hurricanes?'
4th of july pasttime, follow the road, reunited with ash and pam
kidnapped reapers, pamela gets stabbed
brother he always wanted, saliva, Dean and Sam duke it out
gilmore girls set, 'theyre like miniature philly cheese steaks. theyre delicious'
Gay roleplayers, 'scavenger hunt', convention
moon phases, dangerous affair, missing organ
lucifer vs. michael, hells cage, ultimate sacrifice
past flame, racist murder, hollow ground
ashland, 'im an aquarius', drug ring
'no survivors', 'ahem, christo', 40 minutes
possesed john, the colt, car crash
'i have been rehymenated', vampires, funny outfit, the mummy
mandroids, laser eyes, 'we're so screwed'
kids loading shotguns, leah the wh*re
swear jar, wreaths, flashbacks
new plan for zachariah, the return of adam
sensitive to light, Meg Masters, demonic altar
apparently uriel is the funniest angel, anna lets azazel go
'...And yet here you are, slutting around with some demon. Real hero!' , the long pig, extreme hunger
A 'dangerous' toy dog, a yellow boa, wood chips
campers, cannibal, dwells in caves
psycho priest slays nuns, 'dean, hes coming',
a slice of angel food cake (enough said)
righteous priest spirit, 'angels dont exist'' , victim impaled through chest
'dude could you be more gay? dont answer that'
..on a hill made of 42 dogs', Becky, demonic Bobby
the 'perfect wife', zombies, hatless bobby
lake, buried bike, traumatized boy, dirty water
loud music, uncomfortable itching, super glue
'sam had a thing for the bearded lady', funhouse, 'look mom, another clown'

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