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what natural disaster terrifies george?Easy
what famous artists did carmen party with when she ran away?Hard
what is the son's name?Easy
what is the name of the maid that served as a surrogate mom to george?Hard
carmen hoped to major in what when she goes to college?Hard
Veronica goes to school to study what?Hard
what is the name of the uncle that george rescused from sea?Hard
who did max see his dad kissing?Medium
george's plaque is a singing what?Medium
what does george use to dry clean the lopez way?Hard
who paid for george's garage remodeling?Medium
where does george work?Easy
how many years did it take george to become manager at his job?Hard
how many days can you wear one pair of underwear, according to george?Medium
how old was george when his mom finally bought his a bed?Hard
what is the name of george's sister ? Hard
What country is the grandfather from?Medium
what is angie's businessEasy
name one disease the dog hasMedium
in a plea to make carmen stay a virgin, her parents get her what?Hard
what state was carmen planning on moving to with her boyfriend?Medium
what did max do that led to the discovery of his problemed kidneys?Hard
what movie did george show his son to teach him about strangers and safety?Medium
what movie did george claim was a moving book when he was little?Hard
which state does the show take place in?Easy
What is the name of the grandfather?Easy
what does benny think the soapdish actually is?Medium
why did max drill a hole in his wall?Hard
What is george's niece's name?Medium
Bennys' boyfriend, wayne, is played by whom?Hard
what nationality does george's sister believe she is?Hard
what type of coupon did george get from his mom when he was a kidHard
what is the name of the h*rny female worker that flirts with george?Medium
what did benny put in georges shirt when she hugged him in the market when he was young?Hard
who played lindsay, carmen's righteous friend?Hard
according to george, he was once so hungry that he tried to eat what?Hard
what is the dog's name?Easy
how old was benny when she got pregnant with george?Easy
what is george's father full name?Easy
what did george do to his dad when he met him in arizona?Medium
what is the full name of the daughters boyfriend?Easy
what is george's best friend full name?Easy
what learning disabilty did george pass on to his son?Medium
what STD did benny get from her boyfriend?Medium
what sport did max take on to help with his sleeping problems?Medium
what famous celebrity tutored max?Medium
who did george peep at when he was a little boy?Medium
who did benny intend to marry ?Medium
What is the daughters's name?Easy
what is the name of the boy who burned down the lopez's garage?Hard
what surgical procedure did george's mom pretend to get?Medium
what was george's childhood pet?Hard
what did carmen drop in the guacamole at her jobHard
what did george remodel in his mom's house?Medium
what is the mother's name?Easy
according to george, what tastes batter off of his finger?Hard
what type of ball did george buy from the internet for max?Medium
what spanish saying did george shout when he was for once proud of his mom?Hard
who owns the factory?Easy
benny peels the foil off of her window to make a whatHard
what is the grandmom's name?Easy
what part of george is exceptionally large?Easy
what is the wife's maiden name?Medium
what is carmen's best friend name?Hard
who moved in when carmen left for college?Medium
where did benny live when george kicked her out of his home?Hard

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