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Can you name the parallels in the StarKid productions?

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'Joey, I'm going to get you laid if I have to do it myself' (MAMD)Similar lines said by same actor
'Well I've never seen Venice' (AVPS)Similar lines said by same actor
'I'm not going to **** sing with you' (MAMD)Similar lines about the same actor
'We're different, different as can be' (AVPM)Line is complete opposite sung by same actor
'I don't like you Granger. I don't like the way that you don't like yourself' (AVPS)Line is complete opposite said by same actor
Dylan Saunders plays a bee (Starship)Characters are similar
Commander Up sits on Bug's lap (Starship)Same actors in a similar occurance
'Shoot them down with these vintage Tomy guns' (HMB)Lines are similar

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