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Can you name the the potential 2016 presidential contenders?

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Identifying informationName
U.S. secretary of state ('05-'09)
Representative from Wisconsin ('99-)
Senator from New York ('09-)
Ambassador to China ('09-'11); governor of Utah ('05-'09)
Senator from Massachusetts ('13-)
Governor of Florida ('99-'07)
Governor of Wisconsin ('11-)
Mayor of San Antonio, Texas ('09-)
Governor of Arkansas ('96-'07)
Mayor of New York City ('02-)
Governor of South Carolina ('11-)
Governor of Alaska ('06-'09)
Governor of Missouri ('09-)
Governor of Indiana ('05-'13)
Governor of Pennsylvania ('11-)
U.S. secretary of state ('09-); senator from New York ('01-'09)
Senator from Ohio ('11-)
U.S. secretary of homeland security ('09-); governor of Arizona ('03-'09)
U.S. secretary of health and human services ('09-); governor of Kansas ('03-'09)
Governor of Massachusetts ('07-)
Governor of New York ('11-)
Senator from South Dakota ('05-)
Governor of Texas ('00-)
Senator from New Hampshire (11-)
Senator from Pennsylvania ('95-'07)
Senator from Virginia ('09-); governor of Virginia ('02-'06)
Governor of Minnesota ('03-'11)
Governor of Delaware ('09-)
Mayor of Newark, New Jersey ('06-)
Governor of Maryland ('07-)
Identifying informationName
Attorney general of California ('11-)
Governor of Virginia ('10-)
Governor of Minnesota ('99-'03)
Governor of New Mexico ('95-'03)
Host of ''The Apprentice'' ('04-)
Governor of Washington ('05-'13)
Senator from Minnesota ('07-)
Governor of Ohio ('11-)
Senator from Kentucky ('11-)
Governor of Montana ('05-'13)
Mayor of Chicago, Illinois ('11-)
Senator from Texas ('13-)
Governor of New Mexico ('11-)
Governor of New Jersey ('10-)
Vice president ('09-); senator from Delaware ('73-'09)
Governor of Louisiana ('08-)
Senator from Virginia ('13-); governor of Virginia ('06-'10)
Senator from Indiana ('99-'11); governor of Indiana ('89-'97)
Governor of Kansas ('11-); senator from Kansas ('96-'11)
Governor of Arkansas ('07-)
Mayor of Los Angeles, California ('05-'13)
First lady of the U.S. ('09-)
Attorney general of Virginia ('10-)
Governor of Oklahoma ('11-)
Senator from Florida ('11-)
Governor of Nevada ('11-)
Governor of Indiana ('13-)
Representative from Minnesota ('07-)
Governor of Colorado ('11-)

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