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Can you name the pairs of cities connected by a single interstate?

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Dallas - Fort Worth
Virginia Beach - St. Louis
Chicago - Indianapolis
New York - Los Angeles
Los Angeles - San Francisco
Kansas City, MO - Omaha
Philadelphia - Pittsburgh
Denver - Salt Lake City
San Antonio - Dallas
New York - Philadelphia
San Diego - Las Vegas
Phoenix - Mesa
Indianapolis - Memphis
Houston - Dallas
Los Angeles - Seattle
Los Angeles - Houston
Houston - Fort Worth
Las Vegas - Salt Lake City
Kansas City, MO - St. Louis
Philadelphia - Miami
Los Angeles - Chicago
Charlotte - Cleveland
Phoenix - Tucson
Chicago - Memphis
Atlanta - Tampa
Boston - Seattle
Atlanta - Miami
Oklahoma City - St. Louis
Chicago - Seattle
Los Angeles - Jacksonville
Philadelphia - Washington
Los Angeles - Las Vegas
Detroit - Atlanta
San Antonio - Austin
Houston - Austin
El Paso - Albuquerque
New York - Boston
Phoenix - San Diego
New York - Chicago
Charlotte - Raleigh

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