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Can you name the years of these Latin American events?

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MECHA chicano-azatlan movement
mexican miraclesustained economic growth
Fidel transfer to Raul
War of 1000 Days
Ingrid Bentancourtkindnapped and rescued from FARC - was running for president
GranmaYacht used in first attempt at revolution against Bautista
right re-elected for the 1st time since pinochet
Mexico hosts Olympics1st spanish speaking country to host games
Beagle conflictargentina vs. chile
Madero Assassinated
Allende comes to powernationalization of copper and castro visits
Mrs. Bachelet becomes President
Fidel dove Speech
Falkland Island Crisis
Drug Cartels
great depression in chile
'special period'soviet collapse lead to hardship - esp. oil
Cristo War
Jose Martipoet fought for cuban independence
Ponce Massacreprotest for independence
Muralist's movementdiego rivera
american photographer burned
Colombia Constitution
Dirty Warcoup - US operation Condor
La Violencia
Vicente Fox
Cuba BlockadeUS economic and commercial embargo
student protest by the penguinos
truth and reconciliation
Ladies in White
Tlatelolco massacrestudent protest for workers
Chile-US free trade
Tax Exemptionsspurred US economic expansion
MADI manifestoart movement
Mexico Revolution
Evita Peron
Assassination of Jorge Gaitanlead to Bogataso=>La violencia
ViequesUS Bombing site killed innocent man
Le Punto Finalfull stop law
Filipe Calderon

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