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Who gave Harry the scar
Who drives harry to the Dursleys
Who does Harry meet first Ron or Hermione
What house does Harry get put in
Who owns Fluffy
What is Fluffy Guarding
How do you put Fluffy to sleep
how do Harry and Hermione go back in time?
What movie does Dumbledore die in?
Who kills dumbledore
who disarms Draco at malfoy Manor
What did Professor Quirrel teach
Who is Snapes true love
Who kills Snape?
What is the last Horcrux that is destroyed
Where was the Diadem found
Who is the Half Blood Prince
What is the sport Harry Plays
Who kills Dobby
Who is Harry's godfather
On a full moon, what does Professor Lupin turn into
What does Professor Mcgonnagle teach?
Who does Harry end up marrying
What does Harry name his son

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