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HINTKpop StarHINT #2
Imitates A Pigeon, 7 Member GroupNH Entertainment
Aegyeo Queen, Did a Radio Show With SungminPaparazzi
Has a lisp, Maknae, Rookie GroupLuhan
Another Diva, Very Girly, From SanFransiscoTake Me Away ( Hoon & K_ _ _ _ )
Oppan Gangnam Styleif you dont know this... woooow
Has a brother in MBLAQ, Featured in Taeyang's MVFamily name is Park
Leader, Known for her bad-as attitude,YG Family
Panda, Maknae, Sometimes choreographs the groups danceMonster
Diva, Fluent in English, JongkeyHis pair is Jonghyun
Ice Queen, Sister in same company9 Member Group
HINTKpop StarHINT #2
Has a cheesy smile, Known with crazy hairstylesYG Family
Known as a muscular babo5 Member Group under J.Tune
Bubble Pop, 4minute, Solo artist as wellWonder Girls Former
His name sounds like 'Seeing you', Shoulder-length hair, Oldest in the groupHello Baby Season 6
Oldest in the group, Teased cs of his eyesInfinite
Rapper, People think she is a boy, Fluent in EnglishHot Summer
Some people think she looks like UEE, Part of the Wonder GirlsJYP Nation
Black Pearl, Fashion KingSM Entertainment
Likes to show off his body, Rookie GroupSM Entertainment, face of the group
Originally a 13 member group, Maknae, Sharp TongueSM Entertainment

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