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A solution that contains more solute than it would normally it would normally hold at that temperature is said to be ___________
When the acids and bases cancel each other out it is __________
light energy + CO2 + H2O = glucose + O2
A process that loses entropy (disorder) is usually ___________
You could dissolve more solute in an ________ solution.
glucose + O2 = energy + CO2 + H2O
Make up cell membranes, triglycerides (how fats are stored in the body)
The heat it takes 1 gram up 1 degree celcius
Monomores for nucleic acids ___ and ___
Three factors that affect reaction rate
What are the products of a neutralization reaction
Neutral pH level
glucose = lactic acid + some energy
An endothermic reaction is usually
What is the correct name for the acid HClO3?
pH level of a strong base
A ________ solution contains the maximum amount of dissolved solute for a given amount of solvent.
What factor affects the solubility of solids?
What factors affect the solubility of gases? _________ and __________
An exothermic reaction is usually
pH level of a strong acid
________ help enzymes work
What is the correct name for H3P?
What is the correct formula for phosphoric acid?
glucose = alcohol + some energy
What is the correct formula for hydroidoic acid?
the name of CH3CH = CH,CH3 is __________
Monomer for proteins
4/2 He is a ______ particle
Monomer for carbohydrates
A _______ group is one or more elements that take the place of a hydrocarbon
A carbon with a double or triple bond ___________
0/-1 He is a ______ particle
When an _______ compound dissolves, + (water) pulls off a - ion and - (water) pulls off + ion
The H+ ion concentrationof an aqueous solution is 1 x 10^-8 M. What is the pH of the solution?
A carbon with a single bond ________

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