Jump Rope Rhymes: Missing Words

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Can you name the missing rhyming words in these popular jump rope chants?

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ChantMissing WordName of Chant
George Washington never told a ___, until he ran around the corner and stole a cherry ___.
Raspberry, strawberry, apple jam ___, tell me the name of your _____.
Strawberry Shortcake, huckleberry ____. Who's gonna be your lucky ____?
Ice cream, ice cream, cherry on ___. How many sprinkles do I ____.
Lemon ____, be on ____...
I had a little puppy, his name was Tiny ____. I put him in the bathtub to see if he could ____.
Apples, peaches, pears and _____, tell me when you birthday ______.
Teddy Bear, Teddy bear, turn ____. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ____.
Red hot peppers in the _____. Gotta get over what the leader's ____.
I went down _____ to see Miss _____...
Cinderella dressed in ____, went upstairs to kiss a _____.
ChantMissing WordName of Chant
Peel a banana upside ____, see if you can touch the _____.
Postman, postman, do your ____. Here comes (name of jumper), American ______.
Down in the valley where the green grass ___, there sat (name of jumper) pretty as a _____...
Gypsy, gypsy, please tell _____what my fortunes going to ____.
All in _____ girls, it's fine _____ girls...
I told ma, ma told ___, Johnny got a spanking so ___, ___, ___! (The three end ___s are the same word)
Engine, Engine, number ___, running down Chicago ____...
I like coffee, I like _____. I like the boys and the boys like ____.
Mabel, Mabel, set the ____, do it as fast as you are ____...
Blonde and Dagwood went to ____, Blondie bought an evening ____...

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