Word Ladder: Bob Dylan Album

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Can you name the 4-Letter words in this ladder featuring songs from Bob Dylan's 1966 album, 'Blonde on Blonde'?

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Clue4-Letter Word
★ 'I ___ You' ★1
Witch's facial blemish2
Showing caution or careful hesitation3
Actors Grant or Elwes, e.g.4
American Suffragette, Elizabeth ___ Stanton5
★ 'Sad Eyed ___ of the Lowlands' ★6
Like the feel of a negligee or a doily7
Be in need of8
Taste a popsicle9
Hair pests10
★ 'Just ___ a Woman' or 'Temporary ___ Achilles' ★11
Erie, Huron, or Titicaca, e.g.12
Clue4-Letter Word
What a singer sings into14
★ [24] Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go [15]' ★15
Fork's pointy bit16
★ '4th ___ Around' ★17
'The ___ of the Ancient Mariner'18
Capital of Italy19
Plate that the catcher is stationed at20
A trick21
Oxidized iron22
★ 'One of Us ___ Know (Sooner or Later)' ★23
★ [24] Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go [15]' ★24

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