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Can you name the Blondie song by the opening lyrics?

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Forced Order
Opening LyricsSong
'Darlin', darlin', darlin', I can't wait to see you...'
'I'm in the phone booth. It's the one across the hall...'
'All I want is a room with a view...'
'I know a girl from a lonely street...'
'Hey! psst PSST! Here she comes now...'
'When I met you in the restaurant, you could tell I was no debutante...'
'Once I had a love and it was a gas...'
'Toe to toe, dancing very close...'
'I saw you standing on the corner...'
'Color me your color, baby...'
'Uh-huh, make me tonight...'
'She moves like she don't care...'

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