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What condition causes Lars' alarming sounds at night?
What is Tony Perkis Sr.'s title in his profession?
What do the campers spread on Lars' chest?
_______ the monkey.
Put the fruit trays away, ___________________
What camper was referred to as 'strong and fair'?
How heavy was Tony Perkis at age 12? (in lbs)
What does Tony tell the campers to keep shut?
What t-shirt from a famous musical does Phillip wear at the dance?
What food dish will the campers make in their nutrition class?
What handicap does Tony's grandma have?
What actor plays 'Papa'
What competition does Camp Hope participate in at the end of the summer?
'Kiss the ground, ______'
In Tony's story, who continuously rolls the ball up the hill?
What is the name of the girls camp they have a dance with?
How tall is the rock face Tony wants to climb barefoot? (in feet)
'I'm not going to camp with a bunch of fat ____!
Camp Hope Chant: Hi! Hi! ______

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